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Aug 2, 2011 by

Ghost- Radical FaceA somewhat transient obsession (it lasted a whopping total of 2 and a half days) with Alpine climbing led me to a band called Radical Face.

‘Band’ is a bit generous, and I mean that literally- Radical Face consists of one, very talented dude called Ben Cooper, this 24- yr old one-man musical machine hails from Florida. If you want a full biography, check out the Radical Face Website (or good old Wikipedia).

The song that captured me is called “Welcome Home, Son” and is off the Ghost album. It’s haunting, melodic, and all good things evoking far off places and travels. I think the part of my brain that controls descriptives is broken, because I really can’t properly decribe the lovely, warm and yearning things that this song makes you feel. Actually I can- the Germans, bless, have a word for it… Sehnsucht, which kinda means an intense yearning or homesickness for a place you’ve never been. That’s the short version, but to really get an idea on what this means please, clicky here, you’ll feel enlightened and a little bit more superior.

Anyway, point of matter, go listen to the song. In fact just go here to Youtube to listen to it, and then go here, and buy the Reel Rock 2010 DVD. The part at the end with Ueli Steck climbing the Eiger in less than three hours will have your jaw on the floor, you will laugh, you will cry, it’ll be a wild ride.

Oh, and please go to iTunes and buy Ghost. It makes for some really nice chill background music.

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