Tattoo FAQ

Q. Where and when do you work?

a- I’m working Tues-Sat at my private studio in Richmond. You can get all the info on how to book in with me by clicking here.

Q. Do tattoos hurt?

a- Yes, at least a little bit, but everyone’s pain tolerance is different so it’s a really hard to know how you’ll go until you have one.

The bottom line is, if you want the tattoo enough then, it won’t matter to you if it hurts a lot or not.

Q. What’s the worst place to get tattooed?

a- Again, it’s totally individual. I do notice most people hate these most: feet,elbows (inside and out), knees, under the bicep, ribs and top of the neck. It seems to be a case of- if it’s bony or doesn’t see sunlight a lot, it’ll probably sting a bit more!

Q. Why do tattoos cost so much?

a- I hate this one… and here’s my completely honest answer:

People pay hundreds of dollars to get their hair done, then a few weeks later go back and do it all over again; or go to a fancy restaurant and spend hundreds of dollars on a meal. When compared to the permanency of a tattoo, a unique expression of themselves that is going to be there forever, I can’t quite see how pricing becomes an issue.

Point 1, tattooing is hard freaking work. It’s incredibly bad on the body and many artists suffer back, neck, hand, and vision issues, which we have to take care of in order to keep tattooing – this can mean expensive physio or ongoing medical appointments. Point 2, a proper tattoo takes serious concentration, loads of imagination to create, and a really thorough knowledge of universal safety precautions, skin types, issues, problems, placement, depth, tissue… the list goes on and on, and exceeds the depth of this answer.

You aren’t just paying for years of training and artistic talent, you’re also paying to avoid scarring or a permanent viral infeciton like HIV or hepatitis. Having fixed and covered up many home job tattoos over the years, I believe the cost is totally worth it.

Q. What is your aftercare advice?

a- If you’ve been tattooed by me and lost your aftercare sheet, please email me for a copy of my advice. Aftercare advice should be given verbally and in written form to each client at any tattoo shop. If you’re a client and lose your sheet or forget something, call your tattoo shop for any info or drop in – your artist should generally be more than happy to help!

But- if you get it infected, please see a doctor ASAP- Tattooists can’t give a diagnosis nor prescribe antibiotics, and infection can be quite serious if left untreated.

Q. What’s the worst tattoo you’ve ever done?

a- As an apprentice, I got stitched up by the guys in my shop to tattoo an “Australian Made” symbol on some guy’s ass. That was hilarious, for them… I got them back, in so many ways.

Q. What’s your fave thing to tattoo?

a- I love doing fineline work in my own style, and watercolour as well.

Q. What don’t you tattoo?

a- I won’t tattoo anything at all that is:

  • Rascist/sexist/harmful/insulting
  • Swear or curse words

I won’t under any circumstances tattoo anyone that is:

  • Under 18
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Drunk or under the influence of drugs

And I will not no matter how many bribes you throw at me tattoo you on your:

  • genitals
  • face
  • neck-front or sides (back is fine)
  • palms or bottom of the feet